Z     A     M     A     N

“Traditions are Treason” - is the motto of Zaman band.
Zaman is a group of musicians who perform in the style of “World Music” and represent the modern culture of Bashkortostan at prestigious contests and festivals, including those in Italy, Norway, Netherlands,Germany, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

These musicians interpret the words of the German dramatist Bertold Brecht in a totally unexpected way: “By preserving traditions without developing them further, we betray our ancestors, who strived to maximally develop their national art”.
A confirmation of this thought is the musicians’ performances at the most diverse of venues:
Zaman is a constant participant at large Russian and international ethnic festivals;
Zaman participates at pop music programmes on Russian television;
 Zaman takes part in prestigious jazz festivals.

So what makes them so popular?
Children all over the world learn that the Ural Mountains are the boundary between Europe and Asia. So, whilst representing the native population of the Southern Urals, Zaman has managed to synthesise the modern trends of western stage music performances and Bashkir culture.
Each member of the band is a musician with personal achievements at various music competitions.
The desire to create an ethnic project capable of acquainting large numbers of people with the ancient Bashkir culture, amazing them and leaving an indelible memory has united them into a band unprecedented in Russia.

Zaman’s music is permeated with love for their native land, history and their ancestors. In the broadly flowing voice of the soloist you can hear the reflection of mountains, and in the national instrument - the kurai, which reverberates the hypnotising echoes of our ancestors and has a wholesome and healing effect on anyone who hears it. According to the tradition, a person who has learnt to play the kurai has tamed the wind, and when playing it, the kurai player is breathing out his ego.
A performance by Zaman is not merely a musical performance but a demonstration of our history, telling of the ancient Bashkirs’ legacy to humanity.